TITLE: Ardunio - controllers all around.
AUTHOR: Chuck McManis
LAST UPDATE: 02-Jun-2013

The Arduino family is perhaps the most impactful set of systems that have hit robotics in a long time. I’ve used several of them.


The Members of the Family

The image above shows the variations you can get when buying an “Arduino compatible” controller. I’ve used a number and find they are all good representatives of what you can do.


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Boarduino - Arduino for Breadboarding

The Boardunio is compatible with the Arduino software but plugs right into a solderless breadboard.

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Arduino Duemilanove - the most popular Arduino

The Arduino Duemilanove is perhaps the most popular of the Arduino boards and the one that most people are exposed to first.

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The Mega - Arduino but with lots of I/O

The Arduino Mega was the answer to insufficient I/O. Since there are a number of AVR chips with additional I/O pins, the folks at arduino.cc built one.

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Sippino - An Arduino on the edge

The Sippino is an Arduino compatible with all of its I/O on a single inline plug. This makes it compact and breadboard compatible.

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The Uno - Follow-on to Duemilanove

The Uno is the follow on design to the original Duemilanove, it substitutes a ‘soft’ USB interface with the ATTiny which allows for more customization.