TITLE: The Mega - Arduino but with lots of I/O
AUTHOR: Chuck McManis
LAST UPDATE: 06-Jun-2013


The Mega

The Mega is an Arduino with lots more I/O.

The big difference here was the use of the ATmega1280 CPU rather than the ATmega328. This adds several UARTs, several Analog channels etc. At some cost to shield compatibility. Like the Duemilanove, the Mega uses the FTDI serial chip.

Tech Specs

Specs for this controller (with an ATmega 1280):

Technical Specifications
Manufacturer:Atmel Digital Inputs:54
Architecture:ATmega (AVR) Digital Outputs:54
Flash/EPROM:128K Analog Inputs:16 channels
10 bits
15 ksps
EEPROM:4K Analog Outputs:0
RAM:8K Serial:4 UART
1 I2C