TITLE: The Uno - Follow-on to Duemilanove
AUTHOR: Chuck McManis
LAST UPDATE: 06-Jun-2013


The Uno

The Uno is a a follow on to the Arduino Duemilanove from ardunio.cc.

The big difference here was the use of a ‘soft’ USB serial interface by programming an ATMega16U2 with as USB serial interface rather than use the FTDI chip. This also allows a custom programming interface potentially although I have not yet seen one emerge.

When released, the Uno became the “reference” Arduino and its release coincided with the release of the 1.0 version of the software.

Tech Specs

CPU Technical Specifications : ATmega328
Manufacturer : Atmel
ISA : 8 bit AVR
Analog I/O : 6 ch
10 bits
15 ksps
Clock Frequency : 16Mhz
Digital I/O : 14 in
14 out
Memory : 2K RAM
32K Flash
Serial I/O : 1 UART
1 I2C
Timer I/O : 1 PWM
1 IC
2 OC
Note: some pins may be multiplexed, consult the
chip datasheet for specific pin counts and usage.