TITLE: Sippino - An Arduino on the edge
AUTHOR: Chuck McManis
LAST UPDATE: 03-Jun-2013


The Sippino

The Sippino is a an Arduino from SpikenzieLabs which gets its name from its Single-Inline-Plug soldered along one edge.

Unlike other Arduino’s if you want to program this you will also need an “FTDI Serial Cable” which plugs into the connector along the top. The feature of this board however is that its compact connector and small footprint make it easy to build into a variety of systems. The downside is there is no shield compatibility.

Tech Specs

This board comes with a ATmega328 (specs below) and pretty much all of its pins are available on the edge connector. As such it is almost the simplest Arduino compatible you can build. It has the ICSP connector so you can write your own code using the Atmel tools as well.

CPU Technical Specifications : ATmega328
Manufacturer : Atmel
ISA : 8 bit AVR
Analog I/O : 6 ch
10 bits
15 ksps
Clock Frequency : 16Mhz
Digital I/O : 14 in
14 out
Memory : 2K RAM
32K Flash
Serial I/O : 1 UART
1 I2C
Timer I/O : 1 PWM
1 IC
2 OC
Note: some pins may be multiplexed, consult the
chip datasheet for specific pin counts and usage.